What is a Credit Score?

Credit scores help lenders decide whether or not to approve loan applications and determine what loan terms to offer. The score is generated by an algorithm using information from your credit reports, which summarize your borrowing history. However, the algorithm used to determine your credit score is not disclosed to the general public.

At Credit Repair & Counseling Services, we incorporate counseling services into our credit repair processes. Our goal is to help our clients understand how credit works and how to best mitigate those factors that negatively impact credit scores. By educating our clients, we help them take control of their financial future by helping them to understand how to build a success credit history.

How Does Credit Repair Work?

Credit Repair & Counseling Services LLC helps clients review and audit their credit report and develop successful strategies to remove inaccuracies that impact their credit scores. Credit repair is not just about deletions but rather taking fiscal responsibility for your debt and implementing changes to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Contact us and hear more about how we will help you best.

Investigate & Repair

The first step in combating poor credit history is to take a closer look at what is actually in your record. Most consumers have no clue that they have outstanding marks and errors. While some of these marks may be valid, others may be entirely inaccurate. In fact, 1 out of 5 Americans have an error in their credit report.

Our credit repair specialists will develop strategies that remove all inaccuracies from your credit report and offer our clients strategies on how to negotiate and pay down their outstanding debts.

Building credit is more than just watching your weekly spending habits. Unlocking your financial future requires patience, knowledge, and hard work. Choose Credit Repair & Counseling Services today and take your first step towards a new financial future.