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Before you can purchase a home, buy a car, or even secure a new job position, it feels as if everyone wants you to maintain a perfect credit rating. However, with more than a third of Americans who continue drowning in debt. How can you find a reliable source of credit repair services that get the results you need to see?

At Credit Repair & Counseling Services LLC, we continue proving the best in credit help solutions that get bill collectors off of your back and leaves your damaged score in the past. When McAllen TX residents come to us, we offer them a complete credit fix that they can afford with gimmicks and hidden fees.

When you need to know that you’re dealing with one of the best credit repair companies in the community, you can’t go wrong by hiring our experts. Contact us now and learn how we can fix your credit without driving you further into debt.


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Consumers remain at a steep disadvantage when compared to companies, creditors, and financial institutions. When someone runs a credit check, they don’t inform you of what they found, and you usually get further points dinged for someone else looking.

How can you know what is on your credit history, especially when they make it so difficult to see for yourself? Unfortunately, cheap credit repair services promise you the world, and they usually fail to deliver in the end.

Instead, we continue to offer the best in complete credit restoration solutions, helping more adults in taking control back over their financial future. Call now for the best credit repair services around, including:

No matter what has caused your current situation, we offer the bad credit repair methods that work. When you feel as though there aren’t legitimate credit repair companies in your area, our team is still the best choice for you.

How Do I Fix My Credit?

Among the most common fears that we get asked by our clients is “how can I fix my credit?” When you need to avoid do-it-youself programs and expensive service providers, many people try and make corrections by themselves.

Although we remain your best credit repair business in town, there are a few steps you can take to improve your history from your end.  Things such as making small credit card purchases and instantly paying them back, or making all of your debt payments on time consistently, can help you gain lost points again fast.

You can also contact companies that you owe significant payments to and see if they’ll consider taking a reduced lump sum. Although they aren’t getting all of their money, they won’t get a cent of you to go bankrupt.

What Causes Bad Credit?

One of your most difficult hurdles in trying to fix bad credit is that the typical consumer doesn’t know what caused their issues in the first place. While it’s easy to see where you have too much outstanding debt, sometimes you aren’t aware of everything in your history.

And while it’s entirely possible for someone to attempt a credit clean up without a professional service provider, it can quickly become an uphill battle. When creditors and financial institutions don't explain what items are holding you back, it keeps you spinning your wheels in frustration.

When you hire a credit repair specialist from Credit Repair & Counseling Services LLC, it means diving deeper into your report to find items that shouldn’t remain. If a company you no longer deal with had unknowingly put a lien on your account, or they sent a bill to collections without notifying you, you could appear unreliable to others looking in.

You can’t fix credit score issues until you know that they are there, and you likely can’t see your report without a finance professional assisting you. When you need the best in fast credit repair solutions, you need us to help you today.

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Identity Theft

An estimated two million Americans suffer through identity theft, and yet, it’s still challenging to keep you safe. Not only must you worry about having money stolen directly from your bank account, but it could be hours or days before they set off a red flag.

By then, they have already made several high-dollar purchases, and they don’t need to remain in town to take advantage of your funds. Even if you file a police report, there is no guarantee that law enforcement will find, or prosecute them.

Unfortunately, identity theft criminal target those with stellar credit scores which they quickly run into the ground. It could take months to reverse the charges that they made, and once you get your life back on track, you could quickly become a victim again.

Only the best credit repair agencies can help you turn the tide on having your information stolen, as well as rebuilding after their shopping spree. Contact us to counteract identify theft issues and retake control of your credit.


To become eligible for purchasing a home, you must have a credit rating of “fair” or higher. However, as soon as you qualify for a mortgage, our rating takes another hit.

The reason why is that a mortgage gets considered a ton of instant debt, thereby lowering your overall score. And if you are late on payments, or miss them entirely, it only gets further damaged.

Part of what we do is explain the best ways to obtain a mortgage with your given score, as well how to avoid future deducted points. By tackling mortgage debt head-on, you can quickly repair free credit score issues as they appear.

Buying a new home is more than knowing you have enough for monthly payments. Make sure that you go into your sale with as high of credit as possible by choosing us today.

Avoid Bad Credit Loans

When you have more expenses than money coming in, you quickly grow desperate to pay them off. It doesn’t help that a bank, credit union, or another borrower likely won’t agree to lend you any cash until you improve your score.

And while you’ve begged several companies to “Fix my credit!”, you’re still not receiving cash for your immediate needs. It’s usually at this point that bad credit loans come into play, further taking advantage of your situation.

Because they don’t run a credit check, these companies are already taking on especially risky borrowers. They spike your repayment amount, and they add in hidden fees to avoid illegally high return costs.

Utilizing bad credit loans, payday loans, and cash advance services is a quick solution to bury yourself in even more debt. Skip the quick fixes and allow our staff to assist you the right way.

Fix My Free Credit Score

You may keep searching for someone to “repair my credit” online, but you need to speak to a professional who knows how to help you.

When you go to your bank first, however, they’ll likely pressure you into taking on personal loans or extended lines of credit. Although it seems tempting, these services will only pile on more debt in the meantime.

If your score is already damaged, then loans and credit increases will probably rely on astronomically high premiums and fees. Before you know it, you’re borrowing more to pay off the first loan, and your score suffers more in the end.

Instead of trying to get out of debt by yourself, our staff provides practical solutions at affordable pricing. Don’t make the same errors that millions of Americans make and repair your credit with us.

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Credit Repair Near Me

At first, when you struggle with your finances, it seems as though there is help all around you. However, once you start trying to make headway with your debt, you see that everyone is only attempting to take advantage of your situation.

Our experienced financial professionals are at the ready to help you improve your credit score and eliminate debt. When you need to start over without going into bankruptcy, we will gladly explain all of your options now.

No matter what your score currently reads or what items you didn’t know existed, we can help you get back on top quickly. Why spend more to try and rebuild your credit when we save you more on trusted methods?

When you need the best in local financial solutions, you need Credit Repair & Counseling Services LLC today. Call now and schedule your appointment.